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Why Whole Body Cryotherapy?

Chamber or Capsule?

The Cryo-Chamber is cooled by liquid nitrogen in a closed engineering system allowing the whole body, including the head, to benefit from the cold temperatures. Users do not come in contact with liquid nitrogen vapors. Most research studies conducted in Europe have utilized this type of system. Now you too can have the same benefits enjoyed by Europeans for more than 30 years.

A specially trained technician is in charge from the moment you line up to the time you exit. The Cryo-Chamber is entered in groups of 4-6 individuals.
When changed and ready to go, your group enters the Adaptation Chamber for 30 seconds which is cooled to -76° Fahrenheit.
Guests will enter the Main Chamber (-184° Fahrenheit) and walk clockwise for 30 seconds, and then counterclockwise. This is repeated for three minutes until the end of the session.
On exiting the Cryo-Chamber you are encouraged to use the specially equipped exercise room for a 5-10 minute warm-up.
From the moment you enter the Cryo-Chamber your movements are monitored by a specially trained technician who views the session on a surveillance camera. You may exit the Cryo-Chamber at any time, for any reason.


Our Cryogenic Chamber is a State of the Art device manufactured in Wroclaw, Poland. It is the first Whole Body Cryogenic Chamber offering Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC) in Western New York and the first of its kind in the United States. The Chamber consists of two rooms. Groups of 4-6 individuals enter the Accommodation Chamber, which is cooled to -76 F, for 30 seconds. Then they enter the Main Chamber, which may be cooled from -166 F to -256 F. Cryo-Wellness will maintain the Main Chamber at a steady operating temperature of -184 F, unless participating in research projects. The whole process is monitored by a specially trained technician. Guests remain in the Main Chamber for up to 3 minutes but may exit earlier if necessary.

Users report an experience of less physical pain, increased physical and mental energy, and better sleep. Athletes report faster recovery from strenuous bouts of exercise.

Exiting the Cryo-Chamber

Whole Body Cryotherapy

On exiting the Cryo-Chamber you are encouraged to use the specially equipped exercise room for a 5-10 minute warm-up. Stretch out on the Zenterra bamboo, aerobic floor or ride one of the newest versions of the Assault Air Bikes, incorporating both upper and lower body movements.

You can double the benefits of your Cryotherapy session by getting Physical Therapy treatments from licensed physical therapists, right next door, entering through a common indoor hallway. Guests with rheumatoid conditions will find this extremely useful. Additional charges apply for Physical Therapy Services.

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